Xibelani 3

A woman wearing xibelani

Xibelani are knee length skirts typically worn by adult Tsonga women. The skirt is made by a bolt (about 18 metres) of a fabric called salempore. Nowadays the skirts are sold in downtown Johannesburg and allows the wearer to have a round shape along the waist. [1]


function Xibelani skirts used for xibelana, an indigenous Shangaan dance that is customary for girls to learn. Girls are taught that in order to be proud of being Shangaan, they must learn how to dance it. The dance is performed by Shagaan women by tying xibelani around their waists and then shaking the waist. Xibelani dancing accompanies various Shaaangan occasions such as Mkhinyavezo, ku chachula. It can also accompany male dances such as Makhwaya and Mchongolo. [2]


Xibelani styles Often the skirt will have a xigejo placed along top of the skirt and along the hips. Sometimes xijejo is not used, and instead a longer tier or salempore is used which is about half the lengths of the skirt.






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